The patented genetics of Heartland Chia seeds allow them to be grown in the temperate climate of the central U.S., as well as other climate-specific areas around the country. They really do come from “the heartland.” Heartland Chia seeds are available in charcoal and white color, and all are 100% non-GMO. So food processors get all the nutritional benefits consumers crave, without the worry of buying off-shore ingredients. All of our chia comes from family farms, and is grown with care in America.

Identity preservation and traceability are key concerns for today’s food processor. With Heartland Chia, it is NEVER a worry. We know exactly where every seed came from, because we control the product from planting to packaging. Do you know where your chia came from? If it’s not Heartland Chia, the fact is you probably don’t. We’re local, and you are always welcome to come and visit your chia while it is still growing in our fields.

Heartland Chia controls our chia seeds along every step of their journey into your food product. Not only do we control planting and harvesting, but the cleaning and packaging steps as well. Our chia does not leave our watchful eyes until it’s on a truck to you.
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